Property Development

Nestcon Development Sdn Bhd (1185436-H)

(Formerly known as Nagano Group Sdn Bhd)

Nagano Development Sdn Bhd (498596-V)

Nestcon Holdings Sdn Bhd (1178070-X)

Our strategy is to be at the forefront of property development innovation by consolidating our collective expertise to create a sustainable, inclusive ecosystem, where the avant-garde homes we build are connected seamlessly to the contemporary workplaces we construct via the precisely paved roads we lay. This approach allows us to attract solid investment while ensuring our properties increase in value and ingraining us as essential planners in the nation's economic fabric.

With a clear roadmap of a comprehensive range of real estate assets and helmed by our experienced management team, our diverse portfolio that currently sits at more than RM1 Billion enables us to develop leading income-yielding assets that offers tangible value to investors and the communities we operate in. We constantly seek to innovate and outpace the industry, allowing us to offer properties and spaces that are unique, coveted and points of benchmark.

By concentrating on NESTCON Group of Companies' collective expertise and experience in the construction industry, having a committed and dedicated team, as well as financial strength, the property division thrives on the challenges of creating desirable homes for our valued customers.

Our hallmarks, among others, are quality workmanship and timely delivery. We aim to build a legacy in delivering distinctive properties and impart our footprint in the property development industry in Malaysia.